南洋派對 G.A.I G.A.I 專輯 普通版 | N.Y.P.D. "G.A.I G.A.I" USB Drive STANDARD Pack

N.Y.P.D. 南洋派對 最新專輯 G.A.I. G.A.I.,取名自樂隊最受歡迎歌曲之一《佳佳》的諧音,G.A.I. 中的 A.I. 正是人工智能的意思,除了歌詞本身來自樂隊創作外,其餘部分全假手於人工智能。G.A.I. G.A.I. 專輯包含 52 首新舊歌曲,包括還未上架的《冷氣機滴水》和《收嗲啦你》。

N.Y.P.D. 南洋派對 announces the release of their new album, G.A.I. G.A.I, named after the band’s most beloved songs from their self-titled debut album.

G.A.I. G.A.I delves into an unprecedented collaboration with the now ubiquitous Artificial Intelligence. G.A.I., presents a collection of 52 captivating tracks alongside unreleased studio numbers like “Air Con Dripping” and “STFU,” reimagining the band’s hits with humour & satire. 


產品介紹 | Product detail:

內含一張載有全部52首歌曲 + G.A.I. G.A.I 海報檔案(高清)的卡片型USB,以及一張方形地球貼紙。

Packed with 52 tracks of all time greatness; across genres, timelines and worlds. Your favorite hits with an extra hit!

- Bankcard USB w/ 52 tracks
- ⁠Printable E-poster