🌴 N.Y.P.D. 南洋派對 🥥 臨急抱佛腳 Pop-up shop + party

Co-organized with Subtrop Records,  we held N.Y.P.D. 南洋派對's Pop-up shop + party "臨急抱佛腳" the night before Buddha's birthday to celebrate and launch the band's latest merch - the Easy Lighter "借火" Music Loop Player. 

The party features DJ sets from N.Y.P.D. 南洋派對's vocal Jonny Cat and drummer DJ Healthy, Kim A and Yeti's Arthur Bray. 

Easy Lighter "借火" is the band's latest single, with remixes available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music. 

The single's official music video can be viewed on YouTube 

AND! If you missed the party and the chance to get yourself a loop player, you can purchase it at our store