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The Glenlivet InnerVoice: A 6-Month Music Showcase

送舊迎新,回顧兔年,為期半載嘅「The Glenlivet InnerVoice」係我哋搞得最有滿足感嘅新嘗試。

音樂,自山林道年代已經係 BOUND 嘅第二個心臟,裝修聽,開鋪聽,翻新又聽,收鋪當然都要聽,由眾多當值成員揀嘅歌單,好直接表達到我哋嘅性格。

十分感謝 The Glenlivet 嘅支持,更感謝一眾參與嘅本地音樂單位喺BOUND後場帶來共十二夜,橫跨reggae、ambient、北歐電子、post-punk、爵士、藍調、另類流行、歌德、黑金屬、民謠等不同類型嘅音樂演出。

甲辰年 BOUND 會繼續同大家聽多啲飲多啲食多啲 🍊


As we look back at the Year of the Rabbit, the six-month-long "The Glenlivet InnerVoice" is definitely one of the most satisfying new experiments we have undertaken.

Music has been the core of BOUND since our first location on Hillwood Road (the good old "Hillywood"). There's music at every stage of our operation, and the playlist, chosen by numerous staff members, directly expresses our character.

We are extremely grateful for the support of The Glenlivet, and even more grateful to the music units that participated. They brought 12 nights of performances to the BOUND stage, spanning different genres such as reggae, ambient, Nordic electronic, post-punk, jazz, blues, alternative pop, goth, black metal, folk, and more.

In the Year of the Dragon, BOUND will continue to bring the joy of music to everyone who shares our passion. 🍊