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The Glenlivet InnerVoice Session: David Boring

認識 David Boring 足足十年後,第一次上網搵《David Boring》呢本美漫嚟睇,喺Part 1嘅劇情(37頁紙)中,我哋透過主角David嘅童年、人際關係、性癖好、生死觀,大致上明白佢係一個表面上麻木,實際上如你我他一般壓抑嘅現代人。

壓抑壓抑,係唔少人與 David Boring 音樂共鳴之處,主音Laujan曾經喺訪問中提過DB係成員們處理自身問題,甚或係everything is boring呢個前設下have fun嘅渠道;而DB一眾樂迷,亦往往透過樂隊全攻型嘅舞台演出,喺音牆爆炸與人類嘶吼中舒筋活絡。

8月30日,DB 將會喺 BOUND 作少有嘅電音形式演出 —— 由早期單曲〈I Can’t〉再到近作〈Jane Pain〉,DB 一直以樂隊規格,喺post-punk/ no wave風格中不斷延伸實驗 —— 但從佢哋今年 @clockenflap 同 嘅演出中,又可以聽見modular/synth角色變得相當吃重,甚至令人聯想到 Crystal Castles、Crim3s 等punk底電子組合,今個月底,我哋就有機會摸住杯底,現場一試全電版嘅 David Boring。

After a decade of knowing David Boring, I finally went online to find a copy of the comic book. In Part 1, we delve into David's childhood, relationships, desires, and existential views, revealing him as a modern individual who appears numb but is actually repressed like many of us.

Repression resonates with fans of David Boring, as the band serves as an outlet for their own issues and an escape from the mundane. Their explosive stage performances create a sonic explosion, where music and human screams intertwine.

On August 30th, don't miss the rare electronic showcase of David Boring at BOUND. From their early hit 'I Can't' to the recent 'Jane Pain,' they've pushed the boundaries of post-punk/no wave. Expect a heavy dose of modular/synth vibes, evoking the spirit of punk-infused electronic acts like Crystal Castles and Crim3s. Get ready for an electrifying experience!

日子:8月30日 (WED)
地點:太子界限街32 號 BOUND KOWLOON

由BOUND與The Glenlivet聯合策劃,以「INNERVOICE」為概念舉辦嘅全新現場演出系列 —— 每月兩劑,
邀請不同本地真心獨立音樂單位喺 BOUND 後場位置玩返set,喺呢個有住脫離規範特質嘅空間,以最誠實嘅內在聲響,帶大家離酒杯以外嘅規矩遠一點點,live it your way,one drink at a time 🥃